MicroTips for application handles (disposable)


Often only a small part of a drop is required. Then the MicroTip is used. This is a precise application aid for applying bonding agents, etchants, lacquers, liners, adhesives or dental desensitizers. The practical, small MicroTips are an in-house development of NOVOBRUSH, which have become an international top seller. They are designed for the NOVOBRUSH MicroTip handle.

MicroTips für Applikationshalter

All advantages. At a glance.

  • Elaborate pretreatment of the stem offers a perfect hold of the fibres and fibre head
  • Lint-free and non-absorbent flock made of polyamide
  • Perfect absorption and release of minimum quantities
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Resistant against chemical effects
  • Visual quality inspection
  • Compatible accessories: NOVOBRUSH MicroTip handle or also brush handles
  • UDI-compliant according to MDR (Unique Device Identification)
  • Private label for the international market

Variationen, Modifikationen und Kombinationen

  • Standard version: medium
  • Custom order: fine, on request
  • Packaging units (depending on minimum order and customer requirement):
    • Hygienic disposable surgery kit
    • Smaller dental packaging units (e.g. 100 pieces)

Other names for this product:
AppliTips • Microbrushes • MicroTips • Applicators • Application brushes • Brush applicators • Dental brushes • Disposable brushes • Application swabs

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