An absolute precision landing

Universal tools for cleaning and application

There is hardly any field of activity, any trade or profession, where a brush is not used. Sometimes for cleaning surfaces or machine parts. Sometimes for the application or transportation of solutions, paints, caustics or lubricants. The technical brush is an essential multifunctional tool - for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether for work, in the repair shop or at home – NOVOBRUSH brushes are a popular universal tool. That's why they are available in many sizes and different versions. Depending on use with natural or plastic material, with different bristles, with wooden or plastic handle. The proven NOVOBRUSH "Made in Germany" professional quality is common to all of them. We combine traditional brush handicraft with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Top quality. High reliability. Fair price. For all industries and professions.

Brushes and applicators
for automotive & workshop

Unfortunately, scratches and stone chippings are part and parcel of driving. They cannot be avoided and are always annoying. In many cases a trip to the expert in the car repair shop is the only solution. And this is exactly where our brushes and applicators are used. The mechanic not only needs the matching colour and a steady hand for a professional paint repair, but also the right precision tool with the right brush and applicator. Whether it is sheet metal, leather or wood, paint, adhesive or colour tester – the technical brushes from NOVOBRUSH are assistants for all types of repair works.

Popular daily helper at home & in the kitchen

Spreading grease on a baking tin. Applying tasty chocolate icing to a cake. Decorating cookies with colourful icing. Rubbing barbecue marinade onto steaks. For all this work a brush is the perfect daily helper. In the kitchen and around the home. And anyone who uses food brushes trusts top quality. Because the brush comes into contact with food and should also not lose any of its bristles. Depending on use and application, we produce household brushes with food-safe bristles or practical plastic brushes in professional quality. NOVOBRUSH food brushes for baking and roasting – but also for cleaning. Because sausages, grilled food, etc., leave undesired residues in the oven or on the barbecue.

The evergreen: A brush for leisure & hobby

Who is not familiar with the brush from school? The box of paints with a tube of opaque white and space for a brush. At the beginning of the company's history the school painting brush was a core business for NOVOBRUSH. We evolved and changed. But the brush with our proven quality for school, leisure and hobby remained in the portfolio. For painting and coating, but also for repair works. Easy to use. Comfortable to work with.

You know your requirements. We know our job.

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