Dental hygiene and oral care

Dental products for proper and thorough oral hygiene

Good and regular oral hygiene ensures that teeth and gums and also the entire body remain healthy. Dental prophylaxis is an important pillar in modern dentistry. Apart from the toothbrush, there are practical and modern aids such as interdental brushes and tongue cleaners. Interdental brushes are well established for interdental spaces. They are also used in the care and maintenance of braces, implants and brackets. Medical examinations have shown that a well-kept tongue surface reduces bacterial plaque and bad breath. The NOVOBRUSH tongue cleaner offers an innovative overall solution: brush and scraper in one. This useful helper is offered everywhere. In brick-and-mortar retail such as pharmacies, chemistries, discount stores, supermarkets and also online retailers. We supply (and brand for) wholesalers and retailers, but also online retail store chains and depots.

NOVOBRUSH Prophylaxe