Interdental brushes


NOVOBRUSH interdental brushes are small brushes in several sizes used to remove food leftovers and plaque from interdental spaces: Effective, gentle and without causing any injury. The user should find out the appropriate size in a practical test or with his dentist. Larger versions are used for cleaning braces, implants and brackets. The interdental brushes are available in three versions:

  • Interdental brush without grip (IDB)
  • Interdental brush with grip (IDBG)
  • Interdental brush for handle (IDBH)
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All advantages. At a glance.

  • Specially coated interdental wire
  • High-quality nylon filament
  • Opto-electronic quality inspection
  • Private label for the international market

Versions, modifications and combinations

  • Affordable version: Interdental brush without grip (IDB) with total length from 27 mm to 70 mm in different colours
  • Practical version: Interdental brush with grip (IDBG) and extension or brush protective cap - ideal for on the go
  • Plug-in system: Interdental brush for the ergonomically shaped interdental handle with optimised application angle

Other names for this product:
Interdental brushes • Interproximal brushes • Travel interproximal brushes

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